The importance of muscle warming prior to exercising.


It is important to remember the importance that of warming up before any exercising activity, regardless of the type of exercise.

We consider «warming» all those exercises that prepare us for any exercise that requires a major level of intensity than these. In the first place (in a general manner), so as to become more specific, the individual must be set in motion and predispose him/her in order to maximize his/her performance.

To perform a good warm-up session before any exercise will prevent injuries, preparing your for exercise, at a physical and psychological level.

Warm-up objectives.

  • General warm-up

Will prepare us for any kind of activity, since it works large muscle groups.

  • Specific warm-up

Considering the primary muscle group that will be exercised during the training session, the warm-up session should be directed to that area.

  • Playful warm-up

It is one that is made in the form of game, motivation and teamwork.

Warm-up phases

  • Stretching

Aiming to avoid muscle tears as well as preparing them to phase the exercise session, this phase should last between 5 and 10 minutes.

  • General warm-up

Increase muscle temperature and prepare the organism in general to exercise. It acts on all the muscle groups through dynamic exercises that involve the entire body. It will also last between 5 and 10 minutes.

  • Specific warm-up

This warm-up phase aims to improve the movement we will make during the main phase of the training. The movement is executed and the intensity will be increasing in a progressive manner.

Requirements for every warm-up phase

  • To be progressive in difficulty and intensity.
  • To beaerobic.
  • Avoid the appearance of fatigue.
  • Have a variety of movement exercises.

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