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The 7 keys to Thermotherapy

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Thermotherapy is the treatment you should know if you practice sport frequently. The risk of injury always exists and there is a way to treat it. Are you looking for a personal trainer in Madrid to guide you in training and reduce the risk of injury? Let Reto48 help you!

As any physiotherapy practice, thermotherapy must be carried out by a professional. Reto48 has experts in this technique! Continue reading this article and learn more about thermotherapy.

What is thermotherapy?

As the word suggests, thermotherapy is he treatment for an injury through heat.. It is a therapeutic tool that provides a relaxing effect and relieves pain. So the technique is considered thermotherapy, the temperature of the element that applies must be greater than that of the own organism, taking into consideration the sensitivity of the individual who receives the technique.

What is it recommended for?

The use of thermotherapy is indicated for muscle bruises, once it has passed the initial acute phase (48 hours after the injury). The initial acute phase and in case of inflammation, heat is completely contraindicated.

How is it applied?

Heat can be applied to surface level, through solids (water bags or electric blankets), liquids (chlorinated water), semi-liquids (mud or paraffin), gases (Turkish bath); or at a deeper tissue level, by radiation (infrared).

In which cases is it indicated?

Thermotherapy is indicated for:

  • Rheumatic pain
  • Colic’s

What effects does it have?

  • Increases blood flow: favors the nutrition of the tissues and reduces pain.
  • Reduces blood pressure: heat reduces blood pressure.
  • Has a sedative and analgesic effect: promotes muscle relaxation and reduces conduction of painful stimuli.

Does thermotherapy have any risks?

Yes, thermotherapy techniques, practiced without professional supervision, may cause declines in tension and worsening of inflammatory processes. Any advice? Always choose professional centers that use the most innovative machines in thermotherapy, like Reto48.

Thermotherapy and sports

Thermotherapy is indicated in case of injury. To minimize them, it is recommended to take with the supervision of a certified personal trainer.

The best method to do sports, minimize injuries and maximize results? Group programs Reto48, a new concept based on the effort, perseverance and commitment. And if you prefer training in private, at Reto48 we have launched an exclusive service of personal trainers in Madrid.. Contact us!!


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