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10 food myths you should know

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Food is a biological necessity, but culture and traditions have an impact on it, so that with the passage of the years they have been creating and developing many myths that we will dispute in this article.

We have all heard the sort of comment «fruits must be taken while breaking fast», «bread is fattening» or «pork raises cholesterol». Not because we´ve always heard it makes it to be the truth… Our experts Reto48 the new method for your physical and mental well-being, discuss some nutritional myths that have extended threw popular culture.

Food myths

1. Bread is fattening

It´s the type of food that almost everybody eliminates when starting a new diet. Does this carbohydrate deprivation have a base? No, bread is not fattening in itself, the accumulation of fat is due to everything we accompany it with..

2. There are slimming foods.

False, except water, all foods provide calories once ingested, no food make us lose weight. The key is to get the balance between caloric intake and energy expenditure.

3. Fruit is fattening when eaten at the end of a meal

Fruit has the same caloriesregardless of the order in which we take it. In some diets it is advised to take before to cause feeling of satiety, ingesting vitamins and minerals, and have less appetite in the following dishes.

4. Sleep is fattening

There is a widespread belief that sleeping many hours makes the body eleminate fewer calories than when being active, so reducing the hours of sleep would cause an increase in calorie consumption. This is not the reality. The relationship between sleep and food gets the body to function in a balanced way, so that an adequate amount of sleep hours is essential.

5. The whole wheat products have fewer calories

This is not true; they often contain very similar amounts as normal products. The difference lies in the contribution of fiber: a whole wheat product provides more fiber than one non- whole wheat, so the advantage of the whole wheat is its satiating power and improvement of intestinal transit.

6. Skipping meals is slimming

Far from losing weight this is a bad habit. It is recommended to do 5 meals a day with the objective to control hunger. Distributing our meals we will get to the next one without the excessive hunger that makes us eat more and with anxiety.

7. Potatoes are fattening

Despite the popular belief that States that the potatoes are high calorie, the truth is they’re not. Their composition is mostly water (75%), the rest are carbohydrates, so the caloric intake is of only 85 kcal per 100 grams.

8. Un alimento congelado es menos nutritivo que uno fresco

This belief is false, since the cold gets to keep the frozen food qualities without altering. This means that the contribution of nutrients from a frozen product is the same as the one fresh.

9. Mixing carbohydrates and proteins is fattening.

There are many diets that are based on one of the most common food myths. We are talking about the so-called «dissociated diets», but there is no scientific base that supports them. Furthermore it is very difficult to separate nutrients, since all foods are made up of various nutrients.

10. Vegetable fats are healthy

We must be careful with the denominated «vegetable fat», since we could understand that food contain olive or sunflower oils. However, coconut oil and palm oil are vegetable oils that increase cholesterol.

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