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How to recuperate after functional training

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One of the most important things when we perform physical exercise is what happens after the activity. A good recovery not only repairs the fibers that have been damaged during sports, they also will prepare the muscle for the following training. If we ignore this recovery, we run the risk of exhausting the muscle and thus reducing our exercise performance in subsequent workouts.

Convenient functional recovery actions include: release the muscles of lactic acid and other waste substances, refill all energy sources, replenish body liquid, minimize damage to muscles or joints that may have occurred during the exercise and energize the mind.

Here you are some of the functional recovery tips that will allow you to feel more energetic and ready for the next workout.

5 recommendations to recovery after exercise

There are many tactics that depend on the ability of each person’s body recovery. The following are the most common. Do you want to know them?

  1. Keep Active.

It is recommended, between exercises and at the end of training, don’t just stop so that, the heart rate keeps going and slowly reduce it to its normal rhythm. This is achieved with the final warm-up, the shower after physical exertion, etc.

In addition, we also reduce the sensation of stiffness that may occur.

  1. Eat adequate foods.

After the completion of training, the body runs out of indispensable energy reserves. Besides, if you train daily, this factor gains importance. The convenient thing to do is, renew your energy reserves immediately through food and drinks rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

Examples of proteins: egg, turkey, lean meat or powder shakes as Whey Protein by NutriSport. This would be best if taken half an hour post training. Rice or grain bread, both integrals, contain carbohydrates.

  1. Liquid renewal.

Liquids are necessary to maintain the blood volume and thus able to deliver oxygen to the muscles.

During exercise, you lose a lot of these through sweating and need to recover them. Therefore, you must drink water one hour before exercise, during and after this, with the aim of restoring the lost fluid.

  1. Stretch correctly.

A gentle stretching helps to reduce muscle pain and prevent future strains or other injuries. Therefore, you should stretch the major muscle groups, like tendons and ligaments.

  1. Rest

A sleeping habit helps to better physical and mental performance. If we give our body time, it will have the ability to recover naturally. At least 7 or 8 hours rest compensate for previous work and ensures the indispensable energy for the next functional training session.

On the other hand, getting a massage improves well-being and circulation which promotes the distribution of nutrients after a hard workout, while allowing you to relax completely.

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