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Presentation of Reto48, a new philosophy that combines physical training and mental wellbeing

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Today, Thursday June 16th the presentation of Reto48 has taken place during a press conference to a variety of national media as well as regional and specialized.

The press conference was attended by Diana Rueda – General Manager-, Sara Álvarez and Jorge Facha – partners/founders, who have unveiled the main keys of this innovative system that will revolutionize the world of physical and mental training.

Here we highlight the a few important points:

– Reto48 is a unique method that combines training, aesthetic and nutrition in a single pack, in which the objectives are integral in body and mind

– It consists of a functional training and boxing.

– Its duration is 8 weeks, 1 hour a day, from Monday to Saturday.

– The method represents a discipline based on effort, perseverance and commitment.

– Although in part of training, there is no technical appliances, since body and mind are the main machines, other areas are supported with cutting-edge technology.

– This philosophy creates communities, i.e., each one carries out «his/her challenge», with the same group. From the beginning until the ends he/she will do it hand in hand with the same group of people.

– This system has an important and qualified professional team and the latest technology to achieve an adequate individual follow-up.

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Therefore, Reto48 is a truly innovative method that involves a significant difference from what until now we were used to seeing in the world of physical training in Madrid. Reto48 is not just a place to do exercise, but a comprehensive welfare and training center in which personal and mental development are the main axes to achieve results in just 8 weeks, thanks to the follow-up and continuous support of our professionals.


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