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Why work with a personal trainer?

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The demand for personal trainers in Madrid has increased in recent years. Lack of time in the big city and the need to achieve results more effectively and without injury have become some of the main advantages of this mode of training.

What is the profile of customers opting for a personal trainer? Athletes who want to prepare for a sport event and women who want to tone their body after pregnancy, are one of the targets of this type of training, but not the only one, since it is intended for anyone who wants to improve their fitness in general, adopting habits and techniques under the motivation of a professional.

4 advantages of betting on a personal trainer

  • Initial placement test to know what your physical condition is and set targets.

Working with a professional will help you to know what is your current physical status is, where you are and where you get. In the first session, the trainer performs a physical exam to find out your current capacity, your pain and your personal characteristics.So you can set up a training plan with real achievable goals.

  • • He will become your motivational coach.

Betting on a personal trainer will mean an increase in motivation, because he will drive you to follow a consistent training program. In the lowest moments, he will push you to move forward and achieve your goal, by congratulating you on the achievements. He will be watching your plateaus and will motivate you to get the best version of yourself.

  • Safer and more effective training.

The time to achieve your objectives is reduced, because you will make the most of the time invested in each session. He will guide you in each exercise to perform it with the best techniquegaining efficiency and avoiding any kind of injury..

Personal training in Madrid

If you clear on the fact that you need a personal trainer in Madrid, let us share that at Reto48 we have launched an exclusive service of personal training, with professionals of the highest level.

Our essence are the training programs in group that include in a single pack: training, nutrition, and beauty.You can get the integral results you’ve always wanted as well as including the habit of sports and good nutrition into your daily life. However, we understand that people who prefer a more private and personalized and, therefore, from now on we offer a personal training service.

At Reto48 we create 100% tailor made plans. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Madrid, you can get in touch with us. We have 4, 8, 16 and 32 sessions. You will be guided until you achive your goal!

Would you like to find the best of you and mark a before and an after?

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