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Motivation: the basis of the change

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Knowing what we are eager to get and find will make us strive to the utmost which is essential to achieve our goals.

Many of us want to change our lifestyle. Leave behind the sedentary lifestyle and bet on sport and everything good that this entails. But, many times, what we say and what we do don’t go hand in hand. And it is precisely the motivation, what makes these two verbs make sense.

How many times have we expressed that utopian ‘tomorrow I´ll start gym/diet’? Probably the same number of times we have trashed our plans. And blame everything that surrounds us: weather not permitting, my friends pull me down the wrong road, eating healthy food as a couple is impossible, etc. We want to disguise the truth in advance: we are solely to blame. And it is that a target will never be fulfilled if we can’t find the motivation to get it. Because if we truly want it, we truly can.

But, how do I face my goals? The first thing we must do to get what we want is to have confidence in ourselves. We must ignore all the other comments that may obscure our mission. Find motivation in what we consider important, and set ourselves goals that are as hard as achievable: short, medium and long term.

Motivation, in sport, in particular, and in life, in general, has to always be embodied with perseverance, effort and continuity. Anyone that does things well, will get amazing results in a short space of time. All physical change requires many hours of dedication. And in that regard, it is essential to cope with frustration. Because it is very easy to lose faith if we see, while doing things well, it costs us more to get the same results as others. Therefore we must be stronger mentally than physically. Because it is of no use to ‘pretend’ aesthetically strength if we are completely broken on the inside. We are our only rivals and have that to overcome every day.

The details make the difference. Decide whether to stay lying on the sofa or jogging; between ordering a pizza for dinner and making a salad that meets our caloric needs. Those details cause significant changes. Acts that will depend on us, and how biased we are to looking at our best version; the motivation we have to overcome all the adversities that will put us ahead.

No one is going to walk the path for us. If we fall, we make ourselves get up and keep going. With more strength and motivation. Goals are not given. We have to fight until the end, because the satisfaction we feel knowing that we have given everything is incomparable. We mark the limits and, at times, even the sky is a small fit.


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