Introducing Reto48 communication tools


RETO48, the new sports brand that, following its launch in Spain, presents the various communication tools on which it relies:

Web space, A single space, clear, intuitive and full in which to access all the details about the method, its three pillars, training center characteristics, equipment and benefits. On the web, you can also answer everything you need to know using the tab’s frequently asked questions or FAQS. Also, if you decided to change your life style, if you want to find the best of you, if you want to be part of a program based on the culture of effort and teamwork, you can complete the form to request an appointment.

The Reto48 website contemplates all the necessary requirements to facilitate user navigation. To this same end, we highlight its format responsive, appropriate accessibility from any mobile device.

Between its different channels of communication, Reto48 not only has the web, but its blog where we will On a monthly basis update our news and announcements for our users and interested parties.

In addition, Reto48 has a major presence in social networks,with accounts on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
In these channels, our brand will be offering news and publishing tips on healthy living, good habits and motivational tips.

In short, a new sports method that has various communication routes aimed at any person wanting to mark a before and after in their life, and above all to find a State of well-being of body and mind.
Reto48 is much more than a gym, its a unique system that combines training and boxing aesthetic and nutrition in a single pack under a determined methodology, focused on results.