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Interval training, perfect fat burner

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Combines activity to maximum and medium intensity, carried out in 15-20 min, keeps the body active for hours

Summer is getting closer and the desire to get that aesthetic and defined body increases. Looking forward to that, without a doubt, we must manifest in form of exercise and a proper diet.

However, as it can happen in different aspects of life, we put the ‘what’ to ‘how’; and that makes us fail. We believe that incorporating the cardio training is enough. And, on many occasions, we are wrong.
Therefore, in this article I want to talk about interval training. It is a suitable training to burn fat properly resulting in that long-awaited definition.

What is interval training?

It is performing intervals, distinguishing between two types: of average and maximum intensity.

We will work any aerobic exercise (which best suits our needs: jogging, jumping rope, bicycling, etc.) for 15-20 minutes. During this period, for example, exercise for two minutes at medium intensity then climb up to the maximum intensity the next minute, and return to the medium intensity after that. So, to complete the training time.

The intensity that we perform interval training will depend on the physical state in which we find ourselves. The middle phase will always be around 65% – 70% of our ability; While the maximum will be around 90% of the same. These percentages are very important, it will do us no good to do a good medium phase, but we do not reach that ‘explosive’ desired in the phase of maximum intensity.

Making our body work to such sudden changes in intensity, it is advisable that we consult with a specialist if we suffer respiratory or cardiac problems.

What effects does in our body?

Interval training is a type of aerobic exercise which highly activates our metabolism because of the rate in which we rhythmically rise and descend movements. Needing great energy in such a short space of time, our organism will require lots of energy; energy that will form from accumulation of fat.

But, without a doubt, the most noticeable effect is that our organism will remain active not only during the procurement of interval training, but for many more hours.

How often do it?

Being an exercise that achieves the organism to keep active until several hours after performing it, interval training is recommended to do three to four times a week. The best is to combine it with other activities such as boxing or kickboxing with constant intensity exercise; because although with this training we will burn more fat, we will not be working at the same rate in the cardiac/respiratory level as with a constant activity.

Therefore interval training is a method that, done properly and combined with a series of functional exercises and a good diet, will help us reach the muscle toning we pursue.


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