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Functional training is In, did you already know what?

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Functional training has been a few years under the spotlight and numerous celebrities and athletes are already supporters of this method. Here we give you the answers to main questions surrounding functional training.

What is «functional training»?

By definition, «functional training» means training with a function, with a clear target, so that all training is oriented to achieve it.

Beyond the preparation for any sporting competition, functional training is intended increase well-being and health improvement of those who practice it.

What exercises does it included?

Exercises are adapted to the needs of each athlete, improving human movements. Functional training discarded monoarticular movements to make way for a large variety of multiarticulate and multimuscular exercises which have a large movement range.

Functional training achieves comprehensive conditioning that strengthens all muscle groups by integrating all natural movements of the human body. It works capabilities that everyone develops in their daily movements: mobility, stability, coordination, while correcting posture.

What material is used?

Goodbye gym machines, Hello dynamic material!

Machines limit movement and don´t use the weight we have at hand: our own weight! In functional trainingbody weight becomes the main material and it´s combined with elements that increase the performance of the force: TRX tapes, kettlebells, training balls, bosus…

What benefits do you have?

The movements performed in a functional training are more complex than conventional, involving more body parts making routines more high intensity. All these factors result in a higher burning of calories.

What risks should be taken into account?

All body parts are involved, so the risk of injury is high. It is necessary that we are in good control of movements when it comes to them and to know the proper technique to avoid injury.

Do I need a coach?

The fact that you have a set goal and the use of dynamic material does not mean, in itself, the we are working within functional training.

A trainer specializing in functional training give you objectives in accordance to you lifestyle, he will design your training, thus minimizing injury risks making your functional training successful.

Where to find functional training in Madrid?

RETO 48 is the method in fashion in Madrid that includes functional high-intensity training.

Accept Reto48 and begin a life full of energy in which the functional training is the basic pillar. The program in Madrid includes 4 weekly circuits of functional high-intensity training that works in a group to enhance motivation and improvement.

If your preference is to work individually, a personal trainer will launch the Reto48. He will develop a personalized functional training plan for you and will be your guide to the achievement of the challenge. He will teach you the technique to perform the exercises without injury, maximizing effectiveness and get you pass the objective of your functional training, and all in Madrid!

Would you like more information? We challenge you tell us what you need. We will respond as soon as possible!


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