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Top tips to get in shape before summer

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Discover the tips to get in shape before the summer from the experts at Reto48, the IN method in Madrid that includes functional high-intensity training.

You’re still in time to get in shape before the summer. If you’ve decided that “this summer, yes!” and what you want is to start in a healthy way, you are in time and from Reto48 we can help you. With our unique within Madrid functional training method you will get be ready in 48 days.

9 keys for the «summer operation»

1. Find a reason why to do it.

If the only reason why is to get in shape and look good at the beach, you’re doomed to failure!The commitment must be permanent, not temporary. Therefore the reason that will take you to change should be weight, you must be conscious that you have to get in shape and maintain the habits you acquire.

2. It starts with good nutrition

It is about balanced diet, there are many good things to eat (fruits, vegetables, legumes,…) and a few bad things (alcohol, sugar, refined foods…), that easy!

3. Surround yourself with a favorable environment.

Your environment is important in getting to achieve your goals. What you have in the fridge will determine what they will eat, so buying healthy is essential, since your will power is limited and having a healthy pantry will help during moments of weakness.

4. Group training.

It is also important to surround ourselves with the right people, people who share our long-term goals help us get there as much as we held them. Group train and remember union is power!

5. Use your own weight.

Our body is the best weight with which we can count. All the exercises that we use our body weight are functional; i.e., they include many muscle groups getting tone throughout the body. Push-ups, squats, strides and burpees should become part of your functional training routine.

6. Progress

Give yourself increasingly higher objectives so that you progress gradually. Each time you will resist more and you will feel better about yourself, which will mean that you are achieving it.

7. Training hours

Set a time each day to practice physical activity and your routine. In general, during the morning hours our metabolism is more active, so athletic performance is higher and tends to tone up. The afternoon is also a good choice to burn fat, since we reactivate our metabolism, which decreases during the day.

8. Use furniture

Avoid getting stuck by changing activities. Urban furniture and changes on the ground are perfect to make a functional training that makes you change your routine. Stairs, benches and even placed stones to make zigzags.

9. Lean on a personal trainer

To achieve long term success it is important to have a strategy and analyze how you will change your lifestyle. To do this, the support of professionals who guide you and become motivational coaches is important.

All these tips converge in Reto48. Our method that puts gets you in shape in 48 days has reached Madrid, combining functional training, beauty and nutrition. We give you results, guiding you and helping you to maintain the motivation you get you to internalize these healthy habits and many more… you’ll be perfect for the summer and forever!


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