Thermometers do not lie: the heat has come to stay. With this atmospheric phenomenon, the main consequence of the summer periods, and its use of excessive clothing. It is time to show off the bodies which we have been working throughout the year, to test that “all effort has its reward”. However, there are people who forget that everything has a process and resort at the last hour to the known as the ‘miracle diets’.

These types of diets consist of basically on ‘lose weight fast and wrong’. And it is common in people who have neglected their diet over a long period of time; their sin; leading a sedentary life style at the same. A priori, the miracle diets can seem effective, but all that shines is not gold. All great results are preceded by work, effort and perseverance. Something that is achieved in a short lapse of time will cause a result just as ephemeral.

Miracle diets do not exist, ladies and gentlemen. Not unless we want this physical aspect that we have managed to not fade at the first hurdle. We have to get our body used to a healthy lifestyle: active and nutritionally correct. Sudden changes will only damage our health. Weight loss must match a marathon, not a time trial. A long way that not only gets the result, but also habits. For those are the habits that will our physical improvement; and, next to it, our health. We must get our body used to it; without imposition.

A characteristic of these miracle diets is the involvement of nutritional deficiency. They tend to be based on large amounts of protein instead of carbohydrates and fats. And, as we know, our body needs all three types of macronutrients to yield the most (of course, accompanied by the micros). Yes it is true, depending on the phase in which we find ourselves (volume or definition), the amount of these in our day to day, will vary; but changing does not mean restriction.

Although our position regarding the miracle diets,has been clear, here are some of their possible consequences:

  • Dehydration
  • Chronic fatigue sensation
  • Increased risk of injury
  • Risk of eating disorder

Too many ‘cons’ for a result that is more apparent than fruitful. There are no shortcuts; or miracles. The road is long and hard, but worth the reward. Put yourself in the hands of good professionals and do not do crazy things that can decimate the performance of something that is going to accompany you throughout your life: your body.

At our Center we are aware of the need of the duple ‘sports – nutrition’. Therefore we have a Nutritional Coach, a personalized program of sports nutrition that will help you to achieve, in a healthy and effective way the goals you want. Accompanied by a coaching that, among other things, will help you understand that miracle diets are not the solution.