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Body technology, Reto48’s area of corporal recuperation

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Reto48 is the innovative system that increases the level of strength, endurance, power and physical condition of each person, regardless of the level of fitness they begin with.

The workout routines are designed in a comprehensive manner to accelerate the basal metabolic rate, thus achieving high calorie burning, decrease in the level of body fat and parallel increase in muscle mass.

However, Reto48 is the only method which is divided into three pillars that take each participant to achieve his/her desired goals.

If we have already spoken above areas of FULL TRAINING  y NUTRITIONAL COACH, in this article we talk about BODY TECHNOLOGY what it is and what it entails.

Recovery sessions

Reto48 helps customers improve their results thanks to the latest technology in body aesthetics through 8 sessions, 1 per week.

What are they about? We will discover with the following:

Press therapy

The latest generation of intelligent press therapy, recommended to treat circulatory and lymphatic edemas of different causes, cellulite, retention of liquids or trophic disorders due to circulatory alterations, as well as for the prevention of circulatory disorders and the maintenance of a correct return circulation.

These sessions eliminate toxins from the body, improve circulation, prevent the appearance of cellulite and relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs.


Based on the use of low and medium frequency flows for a lipolytic, normalizing action or muscle firming, depending on the type of power used (there are up to 5 different flows). What do you get? Muscle firming and increase strength and endurance.

It consists of the therapeutic application of heat. Increase in heat accelerates all the chemical reactions of the body, in addition to producing a dilation of arterioles and capillaries and improve nutrition, oxygenation and cell restoration. All this is thanks to the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic properties it has. This treatment makes recovery of fatigued muscle easier after workouts.


Also, known as virtual Mesotherapy, this treatment is based on the use of medium frequency currents that allows the opening of micro pores in the skin, which allows the active components of the gels that are used in this therapy, to act in a more efficient manner.

Depending on the type of gel used will be the type of treatment applied, remodeling or toning.
Body recovering area is especially relevant in Reto48´s philosophy, not only working this the greatest specialist in functional training, but also with the most advanced machinery, with press therapy, thermotherapy and electrotherapy sessions included

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